Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31st


C'mon folks, October 31st is not an excuse to wear cheap ears on your head and call it a costume. We need complete transformations here! Don't just wear a plastic viking hat from walmart and tell me you're a viking. Without some sort of animal hide and/or a beard I'm not convinced. You're not a devil if you have horns and a stuffed red sock sticking out of the back of your pants. Give it some effort people! Body paint! full outfits! latex noses! if you just want to accessorize a la halloween, wear a "kittens frolicking around a jack-o-lantern" sweatshirt or an I ♥ pumpkins button or something. We need a little more gusto (ghosto?) on all hallow's eve!


  1. What's wrong with wearing a viking hat for Halloween? I didn't purchase mine from Walmart but I still had the common sense to wear it while shopping there. I think the old lady in the craft section had to change her pants after she caught a glimpse of me hanging out by the yarn. Still, I agree with your devil comment - you're only a devil if you have horns and a stuffed red sock sticking out of the FRONT of your pants. Happy Halloween!

  2. i have been finding myself wishing halloween back, instead of christmas coming, the last week or so...halloween is so much more fun, and none of the stress! maybe i should just throw on my 'vampira' costume again for christmas! hey great illustrations!