Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Looks like Art in Heat '07 made it into an end of year list over at washingtonpost.com's Going Out Gurus. Thanks Jared for pointing this out! Will there be an Art in Heat '08? Only time will tell (I vote for yes)

From the GOG article:
"'Tug of War' at Hemphill and 'Art in Heat' at the Warehouse. I was glad to see a number of lowbrow/pop-surrealist shows on local gallery dockets this year. Even though the technique in most of the pieces on view was top notch, this brand of sometimes-cartoony art doesn't take itself too seriously and that's kind of refreshing when you go out for a night of art viewing. We have a great stable of locals who produce this kind of work, and it was great to see their pieces represented in the Warehouse show. Many of those same artists' names are now on the walls at Alexandria's newish Art Whino gallery."

Spent the weekend in Bedford Springs, PA. A photo or two from that once Tony gets them sorted!

Been working on a series of ink paintings on cardboard. More on that soon too!

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