Friday, April 18, 2008

Plagiarism is Assy

The popular illustration portal Little Chimp Society and many of the illustrators featured on the site have been ripped off. A Chinese publisher of mysterious origins has produced a several hundred page book of the website's content and is selling it online for $100.

Interviews and artwork were swiped verbatim from the website and while the artists are all credited, none of them were contacted or are being compensated for their artwork. The clincher for me is the fact that the book contains a CD of all the images in the book and they didn't even bother to change the file names from the web!

The rightfully disgruntled Darren Di Lieto has posted about this on his blog and the contents of the book have been posted as well.

legitimate irony:

I've posted to the site and fortunately my artwork wasn't swiped, so either A. I'm not popular enough to include, or B. my low-res images saved my ass.
So if you're a copyright lawyer or know one, I hear LCS is looking for one.

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