Friday, May 9, 2008

Artomatic 2008 is here!

Tonight is the night folks!

It's time for ARTOMATIC 2008 and I'll be participating for the very
first time! I'll have 2 new paintings and a new serigraph print
available. (pictured here)

Defeated Again

The opening night is TONIGHT, Friday (May 9th) from 12pm-2am. Free

I'm on the 11th floor (the floor with the bar) on the NW side (the
side without the bar). I plan on being there from about 7pm until late. So drop by whenever you can.

artomatic graphic

Artomatic (
Opening Friday, May 9 - Closing June 15
1200 First St NE
Capital Plaza I - corner of First & M streets NE - NY Ave Metro
Wed-Thu: 5pm-10pm; Fri-Sat: noon-2am; Sun: noon-10pm; closed Mon-Tue

The amount of artists this year is huge, There's around 1,000 participants. 10 floors of artwork. And no worries about finding your way around. It's a simple layout (unlike the maze of rooms from last year).

Parking, from what I understand, is on the street, there's 2 clubs nearby, so the metro is probably your best bet. It's a quick couple blocks from the NY Ave. train station, you can see the building from the platform.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you there, with friends!


  1. I saw your show at artomatic and want prints of the two blue paintings! They are awesome and the perfect color for my living room, but I can't afford to buy the originals... Any chance of you making more prints in the same style and colors? (btw, I would totally buy the print pictured in this post if it matched my decor... Considering redecorating my bathroom just to have somewhere to hang it!)

    Anyway, great work! You were definitely one of my favorites on the ever-popular bar floor. :-)

  2. I'm glad you like my work Sheri! I do not currently have prints of the paintings you're talking about, but haven't ruled them out! I like the color schemed and will continue to do work that way. Keep tabs on the blog for newer works and I'll give you a shout if I get some prints of "Cyan 1" and "Cyan 2" made.

    Thanks for stopping by Artomatic!

  3. I was visiting D.C. this previous sweltering weekend and we plucked Artomatic out of an events calendar as a fancy-pants way to beat the heat. There was a lot of interesting stuff there, and I randomly stumbled upon your stuff on the 11th floor. Really great work, mister! The tusslin' bird-men were my favorite of the bunch.