Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's been awhile since my last post! A lot has happened, Artomatic has come and gone (made some great sales!), I moved (a mile away from my old home), I attended San Diego Comic-con and I've turned 30 (and I recommend Wolfgang Puck's The Source restaurant). All of which were quite a blast. Below are 2 highlights from my trip to comic-con taken by Tony.

My Leetle Pony

Comic-con was a new adventure, I've never attended or been to San Diego. Got to see one of my favorite artists speak, Jim Woodring, saw Gwen Stefani's pants at the Hard Rock Hotel, ate fish tacos and doodled on my nintendo DS.

As mentioned, I moved recently, so I haven't been doing much at home other than putting my house and studio together. Work has been keeping me busy with a really fun super secret project, it's a printed piece with tons of drawings in it and I can't wait until it's released upon the world. I'll get images up here as soon as I can.

I'm also getting my gocco warmed up so I can offer some prints. All in due course. I'll keep everyone posted!


  1. I just didn't take photos of my Darth Maul costume.

  2. Hi Alan ! lovely work

    man that chrome my little pony (tm) is awesome

  3. Oh yeah, 30, you're old, bitch!